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Residential & Non-Residential Camps 2017
Last updated 29th December 2016

Dates for Camp 2017




4th to 6th April

Intensive Training

Criteria for attendance will be C Test level and above and by invitation only

Further details will follow in due course

1st to 4th August
Residential and non-residential camp

Further details will follow in due course
w/c 7th August TBC
Forke Farm, Pennymoor

Non residential Mini Camp

Further details will follow in due course


  1. You are invited to attend camp on the final day from 2pm. This will be followed prize-giving. All members are to be collected by 5pm.

  2. Can you help? We need help with overnight supervision, help during the day, evening entertainment, etc,

  3. On the final day help will be needed with tidying up and there will be a list put up detailing this for ALL parents! No child will be permitted to leave until the Organisers say so!

Remember that camp is run by the Committee, most of whom have children of their own and jobs. If camp is to continue to happen it needs your help.

Both locations are secure, and plenty of well-armed (pitchforks!) adults will be available at all times.


What you need to bring to camp (This list is for guidance: please make your own, and remember the good old British weather!)

  • Hat (PC standard) Hairnet/Hairband for girls
  • Shirts & PC tie
  • Sweatshirts: PC / Navy blue or dark colour/Navy Polo Tops
  • Riding Jacket, PC badge
  • Jodphurs (beige for 1st & last days, can be coloured in between)
  • Riding boots
  • Back protector
  • Riding gloves
  • Waterproof coat & leggings
  • Wellies for yard work
  • Overalls/change of clothes for yard work & tack cleaning
  • Sleeping bag, pillow, night clothes, toothbrush, etc
  • Warm clothes


  • Tack (in good, safe condition)
  • Headcollar and lead rope
  • Haynet(s)
  • Waterbucket(s)
  • Feed bucket/bowl
  • Utensils for mucking out
  • Small bucket for tack cleaning
  • Cleaning cloths, saddle soap, other tack cleaning gear
  • Grooming kit (including hoof oil)
  • Exercise/brushing boots if required
  • Travelling boots/bandages


  • Hay will be provided.
  • If your pony needs hard feed please bring it (feed times should be pre-arranged with the camp organiser)


  • Straw Bedding will be provided.


  • Your pony should be sound, well-shod/trimmed, and wormed before you arrive
  • Make sure that you have everything that you need, and that it has been WELL LABELLED
  • Discuss any problems or worries BEFOREHAND with the camp organiser

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