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Last updated 20th April 2016


Why has my (or my child's) name been marked "Withheld?"

In the summer of 2008 we were advised by the Pony Club HQ that, because of child protection issues, we should obtain the consent of parents whenever we published anything about their children on a website, and in particular when "anything which could be used to identify them" - and their name and photograph must do this - was shown.

This left me, as webmaster, in a bit of a quandary since we like to publicise the efforts and successes of our members, and going through the exercise of ringing up a parent every time someone sent in a photo or a report of an event would obviously be a bureaucratic nightmare. Therefore the committee and I cooked up a consent form that was sent out to all parents in the Autumn of 2008, in which we asked for explicit permission to publish the following information only about children under 18:

These forms were returned for about 60% of members by the end of the year, and the website was duly "laundered" on 1/1/2009 to remove the names of any children for whom no form had been received, replacing their name with a link to this page. All future postings on this website will adhere to this policy of omitting the names of minors unless I have written permission from a parent/guardian to publish them.

Therefore if you have arrived at this page because your name (if you are a member) or your child's name (if you are a parent) has been replaced by "withheld" ... well now you know why!

What do I do if my child's name has been "withheld" and I want it to appear?

Simple: download the consent form by clicking on this link, fill it in, and send it to me. Note that I need the actual form with your signature on it, an email or telephone call will not do.


What do I do if my child's name (or other details) appear and I want to have them removed?

If this is my error then I apologise in advance, or if you have previously given consent and wish to change your mind then that's fine. In either event please contact me either by email and I will sort it out as quickly as I can.

(Note that I have not removed the details of members 18 or over at 1/1/09 even if I have not received a consent form for them. If you come into that category and don't want your name to appear please let me know.)


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31st December 2008


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