Tiverton Pony Club

Last updated 20th April 2016

Those under 18 are eligible for full membership, and those between 18 and 25 may be associate members. There is no lower age limit, but 5 or 6 is the practical minimum.

You should normally join your local Pony Club branch - if you don't know what that is go to http://www.pcuk.org/find_branch.html and identify it from the map. There is some geographical overlap, and joining a neighbouring branch to be with your friends is quite acceptable. However you can only be a member of a single branch at any one time, and there are certain time restrictions imposed on competing if you move branches. Branches are largely autonomous, with local committees, training, events and social activities.

(Note that branch membership assumes that you own a pony, as virtually all events will assume that you bring your pony to some venue. If you don't own a pony then membership of a pony club centre may be more appropriate: see "I don't have a pony - can I still join?" below.)


The membership fee is paid to the local branch, via the membership secretary, and must be up to date before you can take part in any events. (A substantial part of the fee goes in insurance costs to cover the Pony Club, you and your pony. This insurance covers you and your pony against 3rd party liability even when doing non Pony Club events, and is a valuable benefit. To see precisely what is covered see http://www.pcuk.org/output/parents/page_1555.html.)

Rallies, camp and most other events are paid for separately: see events for the current year's programme.

To join the Tiverton Pony Club please contact:


I don't have a pony - can I still join?

You don't have to have a pony to join a pony club Branch, but you'll find it pretty difficult without one since most activities assume that you have one. However there are now Pony Club Centres for people without ponies. These are typically stables and riding schools affiliated to the Pony Club, and they offer a full range of training, activities and tests. Go to http://www.pcuk.org/output/centres/index.html to find out more about centres and to locate one near you.

Also see our Frequently Asked Questions page, which provides answers to a lot of beginners' questions - including "how much does it cost to buy a pony?"


Tiverton Pony Club is part of Area 15, "North Devon and Somerset".

Our area representative is:

Mrs E Dorse
Pitt Farm
Cullompton, Devon
EX15 3BY
07753 816 022
email area15@pcuk.org

Other branches in this area are (these links are to the main Pony Club branch website pages):

Axe Vale Cotley Hunt Devon & Somerset
Dulverton West Foxhounds (North Molton) Dulverton West Hunt (Barnstaple) East Devon Hunt
Polden Hills Quantock Seavington
Silverton Hunt Stevenstone & Torrington Farmers Hunt Taunton Vale
Taunton Vale Harriers Tiverton Hunt West Somerset

If you don't know what your local pony club is please use the main UK Pony Club web site membership panel to locate one near you.


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