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"Well done 2008"

This page contains photos and reports of events that took place in 2008.
They were originally on the home page, but have been moved to here because that was getting a bit full!


"A" Test pass

Congratulations to Emily Wotton who passed her "A" test on 24th September 2008. This is a seriously hard test to pass, and her (proud) mum Iris writes:

"On Wednesday 24 September Emily took and passed her 'A' test. We are really pleased, it is very hard to attain and Heather has asked if you will put a note on the website.

She had to travel to Huntley Equestrian Centre, nr Gloucester for an all day exam which started at 8.30am and finished at 4p.m. She had to ride 3 horses for outdoor riding, being jumping and crosscountry, assess and discuss them with 2 examiners. Then lunge 2 horses assess and discuss them with another examiner and finally ride another 3 horses for indoor riding, being schooling and lateral work and assess and discuss these with the same 2 examiners from the outdoor riding phase.

All 3 phases must be passed at the same time and it isn't possible to pass only one section. If you fail one part you have to do all three phases again. Six members took the test, 4 failed, Emily passed and there was one result still to come when we left to travel back.

I think it's been more than 20 years since Tiverton Pony club had a member pass their 'A' test and I know Liz Dorse has not had a candidate in Area 15 for several years."

Come on Emily, we need a photo!

In the meantime here is the best I could find of her, helping out Dad ...

Pony Club National Novice Dressage Championship

Well done to Charlotte Hare who finished 16th in the Nationals.

Area Eventing 2008
(click on the photos to see enlarged versions)

Novice Challenge team shown above: Withheld, Louise Kittow, Cobi Lawrence and Carmen Lawrence. The team was just out of the placings being 7th, and Carmen was just out of the placings being 8th.

Intermediate team shown above: Emma Selby, Alexa Batting, Rupert Batting and Kate Kittow. The team was 4th, with Rupert only just out of the placings individually.

The other Novice Challenge team was Withheld, Katie English, Withheld and Zoe Lodder. Withheld was just out of the placings being 8th.

If anyone has a photo of this team and wants it published please email it to me.

The Open Team was: David Hodnett, Eleri Apps and Katie Bellamy. Team was 2nd. David was individually 5th, missing out on 1st place by his 4 time penalties XC.

If anyone has a photo of this team and wants it published please email it to me.

Area Dressage 2008 (in all cases click on the photos to see full size versions)

Congratulations to Charlotte Hare who won her arena and has qualified for the PC National Novice Dressage Championships!

Here is the Area team of Eleri Apps, David Hodnett, Cobi Lawrence and Carmen Lawrence, who were 3rd overall. Individually Cobi was 4th, Eleri 5th, and David 5th. There is another area team photo here.

Sadly we lose Eleri this year, as it is her last year at PC areas, she will be a team member greatly missed. Thank you for your contributions over the last few years!

Also awarded in this level is best Junior which was won this year by Carmen Lawrence

Here is the Intermediate team of Zoe Lodder, Nicola Palfrey,
Withheld and Katie English who came 7th.


Here is the Novice Challenge team - Charlotte Hare,
Esther Daykin, Emily Mayes
and Withheld


This is the Very Novice team of Lucinda Little,
Megan Isaac
and Connie Isaac
Here is Lucinda Little with her individual 1st place rosette

Mini Tetrathlon Team came 3rd at South Devon Moorland Tet, 22nd June

7 mini members did the South Devon Moorland Tetrathlon over the weekend.

MINI GIRLS:- Ellie Greene, Rosie Greene and Pippa Vos who came 3rd as a team
MINI BOYS:- William Cookson (Best Run), Withheld and Tom Hare
NOVICE MINI BOY:- Billy Greene who came FIRST and also took Best Run and Best Sw

The photo shows Ellie Greene on Scotch, Rosie Greene on Clyde and Pippa Vos on Mosey.
(Click on it for a larger version)

Riding and Road Safety exam...

We had a 100% pass rate for the riding and road safety exam, and the examiner commented that we were the best club she has examined for quite some time! Well done to all the candidates and to Pam Roffe-Sylvester, instructor. The certificates were kindly awarded by Jillie.

Here is a photo of the prize-giving. Click on it to see the full-sized version.

If you want to know more about Riding and Road Safety training contact
Pam Roffe-Sylvester with any queries (tel 01884 820994 or email her)

More team showjumping success on 17th May at Pontispool

Click on the photos to see full size images

The Tiverton Stars

Esther Daykin, Katie English, Louise Kittow and Carmen Lawrence, were 3rd in the 2ft 6 to 2ft 9 with Carmen individually 2nd.

The Tiverton Cavaliers

Louise Kittow, Carmen Lawrence, Cobi Lawrence and Nicola Palfrey were 2nd in the 2ft 9 to 3ft with Carmen again individually 2nd.

(Louise Kittow is missing from photo)

The Tiverton Terriers

Katie Bellamy, Cobi Lawrence and Nicola Palfrey were 2nd in the 3ft to 3ft 3 with Nicola individually 2nd.

Especially well done to Carmen and Nicola as they were both individually placed with some of the few double clears of the day!

Mini team showjumpers won at Bluehayes

At the East Devon Hunt team showjumping at Bluehayes lon Sun 11th May (same day as the dressage comp below) the mini team of Connie and Megan Isaac, Molly Watson and Mary Daykin won their class, with Megan, Connie and Molly taking individual placings 1st, 2nd and 5th. (Click on the photo to see it full size)

The junior team of Connie, Megan, Molly and Withheld were 3rd, with Withheld taking 3rd place in the individual section won by Louise Kittow.

Open Dressage Team won at Bluehayes

We sent a dressage team to Bluehayes on the 11th May.

Unfortunately one of our members had to withdraw, leaving a team of 3 girls, whose scores all had to count. They all did extremely well with individual placings: Cobi Lawrence 2nd, Carmen Lawrence 3rd, and Connie Isaac 4th. Which meant they won the Open Team Dressage with an extremely hard test to learn!

(Click on the photo to see a larger image, and there are also individual pictures one, two and three. Incidentally can anyone explain the flying grass in the photo on the left? Perhaps the secret of the team's success... or maybe just a photographer's trick. See the full size image for details)

Junior PPC team qualifies for the Zone finals in July

The junior Prince Philip Cup team did really well on Sunday 4th May at the area competition coming second and thus qualifying for the zone finals in July, date to be confirmed.

The team was Mary Daykin (10) on Katie, Lucinda Little (10) on Goldie, Jordan White (10) on Fright, Molly Watson (10) on Indie and Rosie Heard (7) on Peggy.

(Click on the photo to see more of this )

Ponies in the mist ... or PPC on the weekend of 20th April!

Congratulations to our very novice Prince Philip Cup team, Withheld, Rosie Heard, Rebecca Heard, Joseph White and Jodie White who competed for the first time at the Area competition ably supported by Nell Baillie and Alice Lomas who led the most novice riders.

Sadly they were the only team who competed for us as the area competition had to be postponed due to poor visibility. (Click on the photo to see the full-sized image)

Many thanks to the committee for the jackets generously given for the teams to wear, they have been enormously appreciated this year!! [Report by Beccy Daykin]

The "Tivvy Trotters" team came 2nd Nationally in the Pony Club Quiz on 30th March

Here is the team of Katie English, Louise Kittow, Jemma Murphy & Connie Isaac.
They came 2nd by only 4 points to a team from Deeside! Well done to all of them.

Click here to see another photo

Cotley Pony Club ODE at Stockland Lovell - 30th March
(Click on photo to see larger version)

With only 4 Tiverton Pony Club members competing at this impressive venue, which attracted nearly 200 entries, team selection was a straightforward affair. Hannah Luxton and Alexa Batting competed in the 2'9" class, with David Hodnett and Rupert Batting competing in the Open Class. With torrential rain the day before, the X-C going was deep in places and increased the difficulty of an already imposing course. However, even with these added challenges, Hannah was 11th in her section. with a good dressage, two down in the SJ and clear X-C despite having to wait for someone to get out of the way in the big water complex and then having the added complexity of another loose horse join her. Alexa added 4 faults to her dressage score in the show jumping and then had a brakes issue on a downhill section of the X-C causing her to circle and incur 20 penalties, dropping her down to 16th place. Rupert managed to stay on his dressage score, picking up 5th place. David had a unfortunate 4 faults in the show jumping, but with only a few time faults incurred on the X-C finished in 8th place. Their performance in the Open Class was quite an achievement as the X-C track in particular was very testing, with only 3 zero X-C scores.

Such impressive results collectively by these Tiverton riders resulted in them winning the event outright, fighting off some serious opposition from many Pony Club and Riding Club teams from around the South West, including relegating the Cotley team to 2nd place. Congratulations to them all. [Report by Georgie Batting].

Triathlon and Tetrathlon

D & S Triathlon - Sunday 6th Jan 2008
(Click on photos to see full-sized version)

On left : Mini Girls (left to right) Withheld; Rosie Greene; Becky Birt-Mitchell; Ellie Greene; (also took part, but not in photo - Jordon White & Saskia Partridge) none were placed

On right: Mini Boys Joseph White; Tom Hare; William Cookson; Withheld. Came 5th as a team (despite being legless if this photo is to be believed!)

Also competing: Junior Boys:- Ben Furneaux, Withheld & Philip Palfrey came 2nd as a Team

Junior Girls:- Hannah Greenslade, Katie English, came 5th team

Senior Girls:- Jess Furneaux & Nicola Palfrey

The Tri/Tetrathlon page has now been updated to contain all known 2008 events.

Dartmoor Triathlon - Sunday 20th Jan 2008
(Click on photo to see full-sized version)

This shows all 9 Tiverton members who took part - ALL came home with a rosette!!

Mini Boys: Team came 3rd. Will Cookson was also 4th Individually with 'Best Run'. Tom Hare - 7th Individual. Withheld - 10th Individual

Mini Girls: Team came 7th. Becky Birt-Mitchell; Rosie Greene; Withheld

Junior Boy: Ben Furneaux - 3rd Individual & 'Best Shoot'

Junior Girls: Team came 2nd. Katie English & Withheld

Prince Philip Cup

Congratulations to all those who took part in the pairs games competition on Sunday 10th February at Pontispool. (Click on the photo to see a full size version)

Alice Lomas riding Shamon and Withheld riding Indie won their 12 and under final, Lucinda Little riding Goldie and Mary Daykin riding Katie came second in the 10 and under final.

Victoria Little riding Star and Withheld riding Indie were just ahead of Meisha Micklewright riding Bubbles and Esther Daykin riding Sherbert coming 4th and 5th respectively.

A Prince Philip Cup page has been added.

This explains the discipline a bit and gives information about practices and competitions.

It also gives contact details for the organisers, so if you are interested please take a look.


... lots of people did amazing things in 2007 too, See: "Well done 2007"


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