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"Well done 2009"

This page contains photos and reports of events that took place in 2009.
They were originally on the home page, but have been moved to here because that was getting a bit full!


Spooners and West Dartmoor Triathlon

Congratulations to Katie English for coming First in the Seniors Girls Triathlon at Kelly College.

(Was anyone else there, and if so what happened?)

B test passes, 17th October 2009 at Forke Farm

Congratulations to Katie English, Nicola Palfrey and Louise Kittow.

Katie and Nicola passed the riding phase of the B-Test so that they have both now successfully qualified for their B-Test, and Louise passed the Horse and Pony Care element of the B-Test.

Well done to all of them!

[Did anyone take any photos? If so could they send them to me.]

C test passes, Autumn 2009

Six members passed their C test during the half term holidays.

Pictured are Nell Baillie, Megan Isaac, Ellie Greene, Withheld, Pippa Vos and Jordan White.

Hiding behind are examiners Georgina Leech, Sue Marshall and trainer Emily Wotton!

Well done everybody and a big thank you to Georgina, Sue and Emily for their time and to Iris Wotton for hosting and organising the event.

Mini/Junior Area Tetrathlon, Eggesford, 4th Oct
(Thanks to Ali Greene for Words and photos)

What a weekend!

Billy Greene finished 1st individual in class 1 also taking best run, Rosie Greene finished 4th individual in class 2 and our junior team of Pippa Vos, Ellie Greene and Saskia Partridge finished 3rd, but this doesn`t tell the whole story.......................

The fences were full up 3ft (and some) and very unforgiving, scary wasn`t the word for it, not worried for the girls or ponies you need to spare a thought for the poor mums who lost finger nails, bladders and Ali started to eat her cigarettes, but they were brilliant: Pippa had a fall but got back on and finished, Saskia also took a tumble (both riders and ponies were fine) and Ellie went clear only missing out on a full 1400 points due to being over the time by 20secs!

Not Pippa hiding behind
the rosette but Rosie!

I've also received this report from the same event.

Well done to Katie English.

Katie had a brilliant start to the Eggesford Tetrathlon with a personal best of 800 points for the shoot.

At the end of the first day, having completed the run, shoot and swim, she was in second place. Unfortunately she withdrew from the riding phase as she felt Lola was not fit enough to tackle a cross country course having just had a month off work.

She did manage to end on 5th place and received the rosette for best swim for Intermediate Girls so a good start to the season!

Esther Daykin Selected for the England PPC Team

Following the Prince Philip Cup (PPC) competition at Windsor congatulations to Esther Daykin who has been selected as a team member (one of six) to represent England at the International Hunting Festival 2009 at Punchestown Race course in County Kildare, Ireland on the 14th October.

More news when we have it, and if you want to find out more about PPC / mounted games, see the PPC page.

[Added 22nd Oct] The England Team came 2nd (to the home team of Ireland) at this event. Beccy Daykin (proud Mum) writes "It was an exciting competition to watch because it was very close with positions changing after each session." The detailed results are available on the Irish Pony Club website

Here are some photos of the event, click to enlarge:


UK (Area) Eventing Championships 2009

Following the win by our Area team at the area 15 championships we sent the team of Rupert Batting, David Hodnett, Harry Rowcliffe and Emma Selby to the UK national championships at Draycott in Derbyshire on the 18th August.

I don't have a written report of the event (anyone who can provide on please email it to me) so I don't know how they got on as a team, but I do know that Harry Rowcliffe won the event, and that David Hodnett came 5th. I have the following photos of the event, courtesy of Georgie Batting.

Rupert Batting XC

Team Photo

David Hodnett SJ

Rupert Batting Dressage

Emma Selby Dressage

Harry Rowcliffe SJ

There is also a letter from the winner, Harry, here in which he describes the event and his part in it. And if you think such things are not for mere mortals like yourself please read this letter in which, among other things, Harry tells us that his winning pony was bought for £800 from an advert in "Free ads".

Novice National Eventing Championships 2009

Carmen Lawrence and her pony wellstan Serenity competed in Cheshire at the novice eventing championships, over the biggest track her pony had ever seen. Although unplaced they finished on a very respectable score for such a young pony!



Novice National Dressage Championships 2009

Katie Paul and her pony Rupert travelled to Cheshire to compete at the Novice dressage Championships. They were immaculately turned out and produced a lovely test.



Open Dressage National Championships 2009

Despite all efforts Tiverton competed with a team of three members as Harry Rowcliffe unfortunately couldn't make it to Derby in time.

Cobi rode a foot perfect test, but unfortunately was unplaced. David also rode a excellent test but was also just out of the placings. Carmen being the youngest member of the team rode to the best of her ability on her young pony to claim 5TH place and HIGHEST PLACED JUNOR, a great achievement for such a young partnership. The team eventually finished in =10th place being dropped to 11th on the collective marks just out of the rosettes.

However this is still an excellent achievement. WELL DONE TO:

David Hodnett- Mistaken Identity
Cobi Lawrence- Dreamride Amun- Re
Carmen Lawrence- Wellstan Serenity 5TH & Best Junior

Carmen getting 5th

Area 15 Dressage 2009

The Tiverton Hunt pony club had an extremlysuccessful day despite the heavy domnpours of rain and the very muddy terrain!


Cobi Lawrence - Dreamride amun-re 1ST
Carmen Lawrence - Wellstan Serenity =2ND and Best Junior!
Harry Rowcliffe - Darby's knapp =2ND
David Hodnett - Mistaken Identity 3RD

This is only the second time in over 20 years that Tiverton have had this glory - so very well done them! This win quilified the team to compete at THE PONY CLUB OPEN NATIONAL DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS at Draycott House in Derbyshire.

More success came from the two intermediate teams:

Rupert Batting - Timaru 3RD
Zoe Lodder
Katie English
Alexa Batting
Claimed 4th place as a team.

The second team were unplaced, but I hope that they enjoyed the experience of competing at Area level:
Nicola Palfrey
Louise Kittow

Maddie Scott
The Novice Challenge team were unfortunately just out of the placings, but Katie Paul rode a beautiful test to claim 2ND place and a qualification to the PC National Novice Champs held in Cheshire, so very well done Katie!

Katie Paul - Rupert Bear 2ND
Alice Spicer-Edwards
Lucinda Little
Josie Vos

We also sent two very novice members who ahve never competed in Dressage before. They both worked very hard to learn the test and both rode beautifully with amazing results!!

Georgina Wood - Hazel 1ST
Withheld - April 3RD

Well done both of you!

Area 15 Showjumping 2009, Stockland Lovell, 6th August

Novice challenge words by Jane Phillips, does anyone have any word or photos about the other teams?

The novice challenge team of Carmen Lawrence, Zoe Lodder (not pictured), and Connie and Megan Isaac finished a very respectable fouth place, from a field of some 16 or so teams, with a total score of eight faults.

Carmen and Megan both had double clears to make it through to the final jump off and Megan rode a brilliant triple clear on her pony Llanidan Prince to secure third place and qualify for the finals at Cheshire.

Unfortunately Megan was unable to travel to the championships as Prince injured himself the night before travelling, so hopefully seeing this on the website may cheer her up.

(This photo of Megan + Prince is reproduced by courtesy of Suspended Animation photography.)

Area 15 Tetrathlon

Congratulations to Katie English & Lola

Katie was the sole competitor for Tiverton Pony club at the Area Tetrathlon and qualified as an individual to Represent Area 15 and Tiverton Pony Club, at the Tetrathlon Nationals at Hartpury College in Gloucestershire.



Katie and Lola had a great time supported by Jillie Whitcombe, Heather, Paul, Mo, Ben and Jess Furneaux who were also there. Katie managed a personal best for the swim and run and her and Lola got safely round the Cross Country course which was the biggest they have ever seen!

She would like to thank Paul and Mo for all their help in getting her this far and thank you to Jillie for her support and advice.

Area 15 Horse Trials, 23rd July

After one or two last minute withdrawals and changes we were able to send 14 members to the Area Horse Trials at Pontispool on 23 July.
(Words by Iris Wotton, Photos by Georgie Batting)

Novice Challenge:

The Novice Challenge team was first to compete with Zoe Lodder, Alice Spicer-Edwards, Katie Paul and Carmen Lawrence, and Josie Vos competing for the first time at this level as an individual. The dressage tests were very nicely ridden and we were well placed after the first phase. The showjumping and XC were well up to height but the team coped very well. Alice jumped a lovely clear round showjumping with Milo and although the XC proved to be testing for our novice members everyone rode very well and Josie Vos came back smiling after a lovely XC round and, I believe, a personal best. Carmen Lawrence had a very good day with her novice pony Wellstan Serenity, they were well placed after dressage and a double clear was good enough to secure them 2nd place and individual qualification for the Novice Championships in Cheshire at the end of August. So, fingers crossed for a good day and we hope it goes well.

The Novice Challenge squad


The intermediates were up next with team members Alexa Batting, Kate Kittow, Katie English and Withheld. Again the dressage went very well with some lovely tests being ridden, it was good to see that the hard work and training paid off. Showjumping and XC were again both up to height with a couple of tricky off set fences including a corner on a turn. we were very excited after the SJ as Alexa and Kate had jumped lovely clear rounds whilst Katie and Withheld only had a few faults so the team was well placed going into the XC. And then came the downpour! A very heavy storm which made the already wet ground very slippery. Although it had stopped raining by the time the girls rode XC they had got wet through whilst waiting to start and reins and saddles were very wet indeed. Again Alexa and Kate jumped clear rounds and Kate came home inside the time. Withheld had an unfortunate run out coming out of the water and Katie and Lola slipped into a narrow fence on top of a mound which was entirely due to the wet ground under foot. The team finished 4th and Kate was 8th individually so everyone was well pleased with a successful result.

The Intermediate Squad


The Open Area team had a slightly long drawn out day as they had been required to do dressage mid-morning and then were the last section to run in the SJ and XC. We sent a team of 4 who were Rupert Batting, David Hodnett, Harry Rowcliffe and Emma Selby, and Cobi Lawrence was an individual. The dressage phase went very well with all 5 members producing good tests and we were in 2nd place going into the SJ which proved a very influential phase for the other teams. Our Tiverton team almost all jumped clear with one or two time faults between them and we were in the lead going into the XC. Again the team and individual did themselves proud producing good rounds on wet ground at the end of a long day. Everyone jumped clear with Harry, Emma and Cobi coming home inside the time so this put us into first place and the team qualified for the Chamionships. The final results were a win for the Tiverton team, Harry was the overall winner, with David second and Rupert third, Emma was well placed in 6th and won an extra rosette for a double clear as did Harry. Now we are off to Draycott in Derbyshire competing on 18 August so fingers crossed that everyone keeps well and horses stay sound.

The Open Squad

Here is a collection of inidividual photos (courtesy of Georgie Batting).

Click on a photo to see the full-sized version.


Tense times at the dressage!

Parents & trainers get nerves too..


Rupert Batting XC


David Hodnett,


Harry Rowcliffe SJ

Rupert Batting Dressage

Carmen Lawrence Dressage

Emma Selby Dressage

South Devon Moorland Tetrathlon, 21/22 June

Well done to Tiverton Hunt competitorJordan White ( on William) who gained a 4th Individual Place, 1st Mixed Team Place and Best Shoot in her Class.

Joseph White (on Roxanne) and Jodie White (on Fright) came 4th Mixed Team Place in their class.

Here is a family group - quite a day out!

Did anyone else do well at this event? Email me if you did.

Dulverton West North Molton Team Showjumping, 14th June

Tiverton Hunt sent both junior and mini teams to the Dulverton West North Molton branch showjumping on Sunday 14th June.

The Juniors had an impressive day:

The 'blue' team of Pippa Vos, Connie and Megan Isaac and Heidi Stevens had a well deserved team win after a good run of second and third placings recently.

This photo shows the Tiverton Blue team being presented with their shield (Click on photo to see full size).

Hot on their heels in second place were the Tiverton Reds, Rosie Greene, Saskia Partridge, Molly Watson and Ellie Greene, both teams finishing on a zero score.

Here is the Red team (Click on photo to see full size).


Tiverton almost 'cleaned up' the individual placings with Megan 2nd, Heidi 3rd, Connie 4th, Molly 5th and Ellie 6th.

Placings were reversed in the 14 and under class with the 'reds' 4th (Lucy Downs replacing Rosie) and the 'blues' 5th. Molly Watson had the only double clear for Tiverton.


The Minis also had a clean sweep!

Congratulations to our mini showjumpers who swept the board at the same event.

In class 1 our winning blue team consisted of Harriet Pick (Done Over), Thomas Stevens (Toffee), Anna Downs (Astra), Withheld (May Time); with individual placings going to: 1st Harriet Pick, 4th Withheld, 5th Thomas Stevens, 6th Anna Downs; with Jodie White (Fright) having a brilliant double clear.


This is the blue team with their rosettes:

In class 2 our Tiverton Yellows were once again victorious with the team consisting of Rosie Greene (Clyde), Harriet Pick (Done Over), Withheld (May Time), Anna Downs (Astra). Individual placings were: 1st Harriet Pick, 4th Withheld, 5th Withheld (April), 6th Anna Downs (Astra).

This is the yellow team with their shield

A big thank you to all our minis who came along and had a go: Withheld, Withheld, Withheld, Thomas Hawkes and Joseph White all of whom did Tiverton Pony club proud.

If you would like to have a go at mini showjumping please give Julie Pick a call on 01823 674112 or e-mail pickmum@aol.com

West Somerset Team Showjumping, Stockland Lovell, 31st May

Well done to Tiverton's junior team of Nell Baillie (Paxton), Connie Isaac (Cruiser), Megan Isaac (Prince) and Pippa Vos (Bella) did very well at the West Somerset branch's showjumping competition at Stockland Lovell on 31st May. They were placed 3rd in the 12 years and under as a team, and individual placings Megan 2nd and Pippa 5th. An unlucky pole each for Nell and Connie cost them the win.
In a large open 2'6" class they were placed 2nd as a team and Megan was 3rd individually, the team finishing on a zero score. Well done.

Our next event will be the Dulverton West North Molton competition on 14th June. If any juniors would like to make up a second team please contact Jane Phillips on 07881 911530

Quantock PC Team Showjumping, 4th May

Well done to our team of Esther Daykin, Connie Isaac, Megan Isaac and Heidi Stevens who competed in two open classes against all ages. They were 3rd in the 2'3"- 2'6" with Esther placed 6th individually, and 4th in the 2'6"-2'9" with Megan placed 5th individually. They finished on a zero score in both classes.

The photo shows (left to right): Esther, Connie, Megan and Heidi. (Click on the photo to see full size)

C+ Test Passes, 16th April

Congratulation to (from the left) Charlotte Hare, Louise Kittow, Jemma Murphy, Josie Vos, Maddie Scott and Esther Daykin who all achieved their C+ test on the 16th April.

Thanks also to the examiners Georgina Leach and Sue Marshall; and especially also to trainer Emily Wotton.


National Quiz Final 5th April

Well done to the team of Katie English, Jemma Murphy, Heidi Stevens & Lucinda Little who came 4th in the National Quiz held at Warwickshire College on the 5th April.

This was a brilliant result from a relatively young team.


Cotley Triathlon, March 9th

I've been given this photo to post, but I have no idea who the people in it are!
Though clearly they had a successful day.

Amended 22/4/09: A secret informant has now revealed who these are, from left to right: Tom Hare, Withheld, Will Cookson and Withheld. She (well, that cuts out 50% of the population) also describes them as "A very successful combination of boys." Well done chaps!

Award for 10 Equine Welfare Badges

Josie & Pippa Vos, Heidi & Tom Stevens and Jemma Murphy were presented with the Blue Cross Equine Welfare Merit Award for obtaining 10 equine welfare badges :- Bandaging & Rugs, Care of the Horse's Foot, Feeding, First Aid (Equine), Handling & Grooming, Lorinery, Mucking Out, Perfect Paddock, Saddlery and Shoeing.

They were presented their awards by James & Tricia Pugh and Charlie the dog from the Blue Cross. Also in the photo is Emily Wotton who was responsible for all the training.

Area 15 Quiz, 20th Feb at Uplowman Village Hall

The team of Katie English, Jemma Murphy, Heidi Stevens and Lucinda Little (aka 'Tivvy Trotters') where victorious once again in the area quiz. Winning quite convincingly as well! (Has anyone got a photo?)

Apparently the finals are on April 5th, so good luck to them then.

Polden Hills Eventers Team SJ, 19th Feb at Stockland Lovell
Online photos from this event (all, not just Tiv PC) are available here

The Junior team of Charlotte Hare, Megan Isaac, Nell Baillie and Carmen Lawrence rode extremely well with good rounds to claim 3rd place.


Click on photos to see a larger version

Tiverton Pony club completed a successful day with an impressive performance in the Open Class of the Eventers' Challenge. The team of Alexa Batting, Rupert Batting, Cobi Lawrence, Carmen Lawrence, were all local Tiverton school pupils. The course started with a range of show jumps and then led straight into a timed phase over cross-country fences. The placing were based on the fastest clear round. Alexa set the scene with a good clear, Rupert followed with a faster time, taking some tight turns over the XC section, but had one fence down. Carmen kept the team's hopes alive with a strong fast clear round, taking chances wherever possible. Cobi rode well on her more inexperienced horse, also having one fence down. This consistent performance as a team secured 2nd place overall, one fence behind Polden Hills, but importantly 1 second faster than Weston Harriers.

Team results: 1st Polden Hills; 2nd Tiverton; 3rd Weston Harriers; 4th Quantock; 5th Polden Hills.

Devon & Somerset Team SJ at Heazle, 1st Feb
(The weather was arctic, so photos are limited!)

The mini team of Molly Watson, Withheld, Georgina Wood and Megan Isaac were unplaced as a team.

Megan had a very good double clear and came 5th as an individual.

The junior team of Molly Watson (again!), Nell Baillie, Connie Isaac and Lucy Downs came 6th as a team in strong competition. Lucy did the open class individually and was placed 5th.

This photo shows Lucy, Megan, Molly, Connie and Nell (click to see larger version)


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