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"Well done 2015"

This page contains photos and reports of events that took place in 2015.
They were originally on the home page, but have been moved to here because that was getting a bit full!


This is the "well done" page for 2015.

These were all previously on the home page, but that gets too crowded if they stay there forever,
so each spring they get copied to a new "well done" page that forms part of the site archive:

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Cotley Triathlon at Wellington

Sunday 29th November 2015

Biathlon: Rebecca Emmett 2nd, Emily Miller 3rd with Best Swim, Phoebe Green 4th, Matthew Heal 11th, Team 1st.

Mini: Katie Heal 12th,

Mini Girl: Sophie Fallon 3rd with Best Run, Edith Campbell 7th

Mini Boy: Jack Emmett 1st with Best Best Run, Swim and a 980 Shoot.

Junior Girl: Emma Fallon 8th, Jessica Grant 9th

Junior Boy: Guy Cridland 3rd

Senior Girl: Bethany Mettam 6th


Wylye Triathlon

Sunday 22nd November 2015

Emily and Jessica Miller were our only competitors but both did very well

Emily was 4th and Jess the youngest competitor was
57th out of a huge class of 64

Lamerton Triathlon, Sunday 15th November 2015

An enjoyable day was had by our competitors at the Lamerton Triathlon

Mini: Jack Emmett 1st with Best Shoot and Best Swim, also qualifying for Nationals in March.

Junior: Guy Cridland 8th.

Senior: Bethany Mettam 9th.

Halloween Fun in Half Term



A fantastic day at Spooners Triathlon, with lots of rosettes

Sunday 25th October 2015

Bi: Rebecca Emmett 1st with Best Run, Emily Miller 3rd with a PB run, Phoebe Green 4th with the
Team including Matthew Heal were 1st

Mixed Mini: Katie Heal had a PB run and swim finished 7th

Mini Girls: Edith Campbell was 8th

Mini Boys: Jack Emmett was 1st with Best Shoot and PB swim

Junior Girls: Emma Fallon 5th and Sophie Fallon 6th (1st competition as a Junior), PB Swim from Sophie and PB run from Emma

Junior Boy: Guy Cridland 6th

Tiverton Foxes: Emma Fallon, Sophie Fallon and Jack Emmett were 5th

Tiverton Stags: Katie Heal, Edith Campbell and Guy Cridland were 11th

Mini & Junior Tetrathlon

Saturday 5th September 2015

A great time was had at Tiverton’s Mini Tet. We had 24 members from our club take part.
Tiverton Cubs: Lachlan Heard 2nd individually, Matthew Heal 6th, Jessica Miller 10th, Team 2nd
Tiverton Beagle: Olly Coe 5th individually with Best Run, Alexander Morrison 7th and Liliana Cole 9th. Team 3rd
1400 rides: Alexander Morrison, Liliana Cole, Lachlan Heard, Matthew Heal, Jess Miller.
Super Mini:
Rebecca Emmett 1st Individually with Best Swim, Beatrice Morrison 2nd with Best Shoot, Emily Miller 3rd, and
Phoebe Green 5th with Best Run. Team 1st
Myrtle Scudamore 4th in a mixed team who were 2nd
1400 rides: Rebecca Emmett, Beatrice Morrison, Myrtle Scudamore.
Mixed Mini:
Katie Heal 3rd, Isobel Morrison 4th, Katie Bainbridge had Best Shoot and Margot Scudamore were 2nd
Dana McLauchlan was in a mixed team who were 3rd
Individual: Edith Campbell had Best Swim
1400 Rides: Katie Heal, Margot Scudamore, Dana McLauchlan.
Mini Boys:
Jack Emmett was 1st with Best Run, Swim and Shoot and William Hopper was 4th
1400 Ride: Jack Emmett.
Mini Girls:
Sophie Fallon was 3rd with Best Run and 1400 ride
Junior Girls:
Lydia Hopper was 1st with Best Run, Swim and Shoot. Emma Fallon 2nd,
Jessica Grant
who took part in Juniors for the first time was 3rd and Emma Bainbridge was 4th
1400 Ride: Lydia Hopper, Emma Fallon

Mini Camp 2015

Great Fun was had by all at Mini Camp!

Area Show Jumping

Monday 3rd August 2015

Another successful day for Tiverton with qualifications for the Championships at all levels, what an achievement!



Open winning team, Amelia Green, William Smith and Rupert Batting
with Rupert also 6th individually.

Intermediate winning team, Charlotte Radley, Georgina Wood, Grace Chambers and India Eaton
with Charlotte 1st indiviudual, Grace 2nd and Archie Hare 6th.

Novice had two teams, Bethany Mettam, Alice Smith and Joe Emmett. Bethany and Alice both went through to
the jump off and done keen times but sadly faults kept them out of the ribbons.
Polly Muirhead, Finn Muirhed, Jasper Pring and Henry Clist came 5th as a team and
Finn came 4th individually and qualified for the Championships.

80cm Fiona Weddon, Louisa Chambers and Jack Emmett
Jack 1st indiviudual

70cm had two teams Isobel Morrison, Emma Fallon and Jack Emmett
Sophie Fallon, Phoebe Green
and Emma Bainbridge

60cm had two teams Phoebe Green, Katie Bainbridge, Beatrice Morrison and Katie Heal came 6th as a team,
the youngest team competing and on smallest ponies!
Sophie Buckingham, Lauren Buckingham, Sophie Fallon and Emma Fallon

(results are still coming in for the 60, 70, 80cm, will post as soon as I know – feel free to email me!)

Pony Club Camp 2015

A fantastic time had by all at this years summer camp!


Novice, Intermediate and Open Team's all win . . . National Championships here come Tivvy

Area Eventing
Sunday 19th July 2015 at Treborough

team Henry Clist, Finn Muirhead, Polly Muirhead and Zara Cameron all rode fantastically, winning the team event
with Polly 1st and Henry 2nd individually in their sections
also Joe Emmett rode as an individual

team Ellie Discombe, Georgina Wood, Grace Chambers and India Eaton had a convincing team win
with Grace 1st, India 2nd, Georgina 2nd and Ellie 3rd individually in their sections, fantastic results
Jenny Mettam rode as an individual and after a good dressage and showjumping had a nasty fall XC
resulting in a broken collar bone, we wish her a speedy recovery

sorry Intermediate's don't have many pictures, please send in if you have some

team Amelia Green, William Smith, Rupert Batting and Eleanor Ansell – with nothing to choose between all competitors after dressage it was a tough competition.  SJ caused a significant amount of trouble with few clears and a few too many poles from Tiverton. XC they came into their own though proving their ability at this level, as all four produced impressive gutsy clears over what proved to be a testing track. With the other two teams out of the running due to retirements on XC Tiverton won the Open,
with Rupert 4th and Eleanor 6th, the team return to Cholmondley Championships for a third year.

Spooners Tri/Tet

18th / 19th July 2015


Junior Girl: Emma Fallon was 5th
Mini Boy: Jack Emmett was 1st
Mini Girl: Jessica Grant was 6th and Sophie Fallon 8th
Mixed Mini: Katie Heal was 15th out of 25 in her first Tri.
Biathlon: Rebecca Emmett was 3rd

Tri Team: Emma Fallon, Jessica Grant, Sophie Fallon and Jack Emmett
were 2nd out of 15


Mini Boy: Jack Emmett was 1st
Mini Girl: Jessica Grant was 2nd with a fantastic 1400 ride.
Mixed Mini: Katie Heal sadly just out of the placings.

Tet Team: Jessica Grant, Jack Emmett & Katie Heal were 2nd


Area Dressage

Sunday 12th July 2015
at Elmbridge, Hatch Beauchamp

Novice Team

Fiona Weddon, Henry Clist and Millie Paxton
all did extremely well
with congratulations to Henry who came 1st individually and
qualified for the National Championships

Intermediate Team

Ellie Discombe, Zara Cameron and Didi Eaton
came a very credible 3rd place as a team, and Ellie 6th individually


Amelia Green rode as an individual and came 6th

Well done all

A Weekend Full of Rosettes

Saturday 20th / Sunday 21st June 2015

A fantastic result from all the competitors who took part in the South Devon Moorland Biathlon/Tetrathlon

Bi: Tiverton Cubs Team: Katie Heal came 1st with Best Run, Emily Miller 3rd,
Beatrice Morrison
4th and Rebecca Emmett 6th.
They came 1st as a Team.

Assisted Mini: Isobel Morrison came 1st in the Triathlon and Tetrathlon with a fantastic 1400 ride.

Mini Boys: Jack Emmett came 1st in the Triathlon and Tetrathlon with Best Shoot, Run and Swim.

Senior Girls: Bethany Mettam came 4th in Triathlon and 2nd in the Tetrathlon.

Tiverton Foxes Team: Bethany Mettam, Jack Emmett and Isobel Morrison
came 5th in the Triathlon and 6th in the Tetrathlon.

Well done everyone, Fantastic results.

West Somerset Team SJ at Stockland Lovell

Sunday 31st May 2015

Class 1 – 1'6" 10yrs & under
Tiverton Red Team (1st TEAM)
Emily Miller (5th Ind), Rebecca Emmett (4th Ind)
and Katie Bainbridge (3rd Ind)
Tiverton individual

Emily Miller

Class 2 – 1'9" 12yrs & under
Tiverton individual
Beatrice Morrison

Class 3 – 2'3"
Tiverton Blue Team
Beatrice Morrison, Isobel Morrison and Jack Emmett (3rd Ind)
Tiverton individual
                                             Emma Bainbridge

                                      Class 4 – 2'6"
                                 Tiverton Purple Team (5th TEAM)
          Isobel Morrison, Jack Emmett (4th Ind) and Rosie Heard

                                      Class 5 – 2'9"

                                  Tiverton individual
                                      Rosie Heard

Pony Club Inter Area 15/16 Tetrathlon

Tuesday 26th / Wednesday 27th May 2015

 Lydia Hopper, Isobel Morrison, Finn Muirhead, William Hopper and Jack Emmett all represented Tiverton
in the Inter-Area Tetrathlon. Special mention to Finn who achieved maximum 1400 riding points.
And also to Jack who had an excellent 920 shoot, PB swim and good ride to finish 4th place overall . . . well done all

Queens' College Eventers/Showjumpers Team Competition

Sunday 24th May 2015 at King's Sedgmooor

Class 1 (60–70)
Tiverton Hounds
Jack Emmett, Katie Heal, Jessica Grant and Emma Fallon
Tiverton individual
Alice Cross

Class 2 (70–80)
Tiverton individuals
Alice Smith

Class 5 (1m–1.10)
Tiverton individual
Charlotte Radley 6th place individual

Well done to all

Charlotte Rides at Badminton 2015

Charlotte Radley and Little M at Badminton Grassroots Championships

It was a tough track – huge congratulations to Charlotte for completing


Postal Shoot

Congratulations to the 3 members who took part in the Postal Shoot

Jack Emmett
(Mini Boys) came 1st with an average of 457/500

Jessica Grant
(Mini Girls) came 3rd with an average 403/500

Alice Cross
(Mini Girls) came 6th with an average 343/500


Sunday 26th April 2015

A great day was had by all the Tiverton Triathlon.
Thank you to Julie Heal for organising such a well run event and thank you to all who helped and supported the event,
without everyone's support it would not have run as smoothly as it did.

We had competitors entered in each class, lots of whom were placed.

Katie Heal came 1st individually with Best Run, Rebecca Emmett was 3rd and Emily Miller was 4th.
Our Tiverton Cubs team of Katie Heal, Emily Miller and Rebecca Emmett were 1st beating second place by over
400 points and Tiverton Beagles (and Dulverton West) team of Beatrice Morrison and Myrtle Scudamore were 3rd.

Super Minis:
Jack Emmett came 1st individually with Best Run, and our Tiverton Foxes team of Jack Emmett, Margot Scudamore
(1st time at a triathlon) and Isobel Morrison came 3rd.

Mini Girls:
Jessica Grant came 1st individually with Best Shoot, Sophie Fallon Came 2nd and
Katie Bainbridge came 3rd,  Our Tiverton Hounds team of Jesccica Grant,
Edith Campbell
, Sophie Fallon and Katie Bainbridge came 1st beating
second place by more than and amazing 800 points.

Mini Boy:
Our only mini Boy was Horace Hopper who came 5th individually.   

Junior Girls:
Lydia Hopper was 2nd individually with Emma Fallon 3rd and
Emma Bainbridge in 5th.

Junior Boy:
Guy Cridland was 1st individually with Best Shoot, Run and Swim.

Mixed Senior:
Bethany Mettam was 4th with Best Swim and Millie Cridland was 5th.

Great effort by all competitors.
Well done to all.

Team Show Jumping at Pontispool

Saturday 25th April 2015

Class 1
Tiverton Red
  (2nd TEAM)
Katie Heal, Beatrice Morrison, Courtney Phillips

Tiverton Pink   (1st TEAM)
Jessica Grant (6th Ind), Phoebe Green, Isobel Morrison (2nd Ind)

Class 2
Tiverton Yellow

Alice Cross, Emma Fallon, Sophie Fallon

Tiverton Orange
Courtney Phillips, Phoebe Green, Jessica Grant

Class 3
Tiverton individual's

Jack Emmett (2nd Ind) and Millie Cridland

Class 4
Tiverton Blue 
(6th TEAM)
Jack Emmett (1st Ind), Josh Brown, Millie Cridland, Millie Paxton

Tiverton individual
Josh Brown

Class 5
Tiverton individual's 

Millie Paxton and Rosie Heard

The Pony Club NFU National Quiz Final 2015

Saturday 4th April

Having qualified from the Area Quiz back in February, The Tiverton team of Amelia Green, Joe Emmett, Emma Bainbridge and Alice Cross made the journey to Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell, for the final.

In all there were twenty eight Branch and Riding Centre teams competing for honours. The Quiz consisted of 8 rounds. The team got off to a shaky start in the first round concerning the Pony Club, with questions such as who is the current President of the Pony Club, who is the Club’s insurer (and no, it is not the Quiz sponsor) and what is the colour of the scroll on the bottom of the District Commissioner’s badge. If it had been my job to answer these questions (which luckily it wasn’t) the score would have been a Eurovision Song Contest sounding “nil points”.  As the day progressed, the team got better, scoring well in the latter rounds. There was a little blip with the junior members and their practical round, with one child wrongly identifying (by way of smell) hoof oil as cough medicine. With my Pony Club child safeguarding training kicking into action my initial concern was that this child may have been regularly dosed with Carr & Day hoof oil instead of Benelyn, only to discover that it was my own daughter who had the “brain fade”. The team then went on to score strongly in the last three rounds of travelling and road safety, spelling (hand on heart, can you be sure that in the heat of battle you would have spelt Rhythm correctly?) and pictures (would you have identified the current Chairman of the Pony Club?) to secure a total of 210 points and a very respectable tenth place overall.  First place went to the Hampshire Hunt with 276.5 points (30 points ahead of the second placed Chipping). Our team did us proud, and with the purchase of an up-to-date Pony Club Quiz Book and a little more training (including a read of the Pony Club Year book) I am confident that the Tiverton can battle for even higher honours in the future.

(Thanks to Clive Bainbridge for the report)

Winter Triathlon National Finals – Milton Keynes 15th March 2015

Great fun was had at Nationals by all our competitors (and their families!)

Mini Girl: Jessica Grant put in a PB for the run and swim and had a 900 shoot putting her into 30th

Mini Boy: Jack Emmett put in a PB for the run and swim and also had a 900 shoot putting him into 20th

Junior Boy: Guy Cridland had a PB run and shoot of 820 putting Guy into 35th

Well done to all 3 for a fantastic effort and determination
Our competitors and their supporters!

Area Quiz – 18th February 2015

Tiverton off to the National Finals in April !

Well a very hotly contested competition, and that was just between the Tiverton teams!

13 teams in all took part in the Area Quiz hosted by Silverton Pony Club on Wednesday 18th February at Cullompton.
Tiverton Hounds were in the lead at the half way point, but with two rounds to go, Tiverton Beagles took the lead,
1 point ahead of Tiverton Hounds, after the final two rounds Tiverton Hounds finished in 3rd place,
Devon & Somerset 2nd and Tiverton Beagles the winners – all very tight between the top 3 but a really good win!

Well done to Amelia, Joe, Emma and Alice who are off to the Finals at Warwickshire College on 4th April . . . good luck team

Tiverton Foxes
Ellie Discombe
Rosie Heard
Alice Smith
Katie Bainbridge

Tiverton Hounds
Charlotte Radley
Millie Cridland
Henry Clist
Jessica Grant

Tiverton Beagles
Amelia Green
Joe Emmett
Emma Bainbridge
Alice Cross

Mendip Triathlon 15th February

Bi: Katie Heal 1st, Rebecca Emmett 4th & Emily Miller 6th Individually.
Katie also had best run.
The team including Matthew Heal were 1st beating 2nd place by an amazing 446 points.

Mixed Mini: Jack Emmett was 1st with best shoot and best run,
and was 1st in a mixed team.

Mini Girl: Jessica Grant was 2nd with best run and 1st in a mixed team.

Junior Boy: Guy Cridland was 3rd.

Senior Girl: Bethany Mettam was 3rd at her first Triathlon.

Well done to all.

Valentines Ball – 14th February 2015

A fantastic night had by all, lovely to see so many dressed up looking fabulous without riding hats!

Many thanks to Nickie for organising such a good night


Eggesford Triathlon 7th February 2015

Another Tiverton Member Qualified for Nationals!

Bi: Katie Heal, Rebecca Emmett and Emily Miller came 3rd as a team
with Katie coming 4th Individually.

Mini Girls: Jessica Grant came 3rd individually.

Mini Boys: Jack Emmett, William Hopper and Horace Hopper came
3rd as a team with Jack coming 2nd individually.

Junior Girl: Lydia Hopper was 4th individually.

Junior Boy: Guy Cridland was 2nd and Qualified for Nationals at Milton Keynes.

Senior Girl: Millie Cridland put in a fantastic effort, sadly just out of the rosettes.

Cattistock Triathlon – 25th January 2015

5 went to take on Area 14 and they brought lot's of rosettes back with them.
Ultra Minis: Which included a shoot ... well OK a throw! : Rebecca Emmett, Katie Heal & Emily Miller came 2nd as a Team.
Katie also had 3rd best Swim and Run, and 4th individually and Emily was 7th individually(sadly just out of the rosettes) and had 4th best shoot (throw) and Rebecca had 4th best swim. (ones to watch for the future!)
Mixed Mini: Jack Emmett came 3rd Individually and 1st in a mixed team (the girls seemed happy to have Jack in their team!).
Mini Girls: Jessica Grant came 4th individually and also got 2nd best shoot (her PB for turning targets) & 3rd best swim and
was 1st in a mixed team.

Tiverton Tri Competitors going from Strength to Strength
Fantastic Results from the 11 that went to the D&S Triathlon on 11th January 2015 with all coming home with Rosettes.
Bi – Katie Heal picked up Best Run and Best Swim which placed her 1st with Rebecca Emmett coming 6th and the team coming 3rd.
Super Mini – Jack Emmett was 2nd.
Mini Girls – Sophie Fallon came 2nd, Jessica Grant  3rd and the Team with Katie Bainbridge came 1st overall.
Junior Boys – Guy Cridland was 3rd
Junior Girls – Emma Bainbridge, Emma Fallon & Lydia Hopper came 4th as a Team
Senior Girls - Millie Cridland was in a mixed team that came 1st.


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