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"Well done 2016"

This page contains photos and reports of events that took place in 2016.
They were originally on the home page, but have been moved to here because that was getting a bit full!


This is the "well done" page for 2016.

These were all previously on the home page, but that gets too crowded if they stay there forever,
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Seavington Team SJ

Sunday 4th December 2016 – Kings Sedgemoor

Class 1 Emily Miller, on Beth did a lovely clear round and was given 6th.

Class 2 Emily Miller and Phoebe Green both did a lovely fast clear round and were put in a mixed team
and out of 11 teams they came 2nd, well done.

Lamerton Triathlon

Sunday 20th November

Six went to Lamerton and had team 1st and 2nd.

Bi: Emily Miller was 2nd with Best swim, the team including Matthew Heal and Jessie Miller were 2nd.

Mini: Katie Heal was 3rd with Best Run. Jack Emmett was 1st with Best Run and Swim
and the team along with Rebecca Emmett were 1st.


Wylye Valley Triathlon

Sunday 20th November

  A young team of budding Pony Club triathletes had a go at the Wylye Valley Triathlon on Sunday 20th November in Frome. 
The team were Abi Cottrell, Archie Cottrell (age 4 in his first event!), Charlie Winter & Connor Heard
A huge entry of 20 teams competed in the 7 & under Mixed Tadpole class on the day which, after the horrid wet Saturday,
was for the most part dry but very muddy!  All team members bet their times from the same venue in August despite the
muddy going in the run and Connor Heard bettered his 2nd placing with 840 in the individual shoot/bean bag from August,
with a 1st placing for individual shoot with 960!  All competed with smiles on their faces and had a lovely day and came 16th overall.


2 Qualify for Nationals

Sunday 6th November 2016



Fantastic effort from all our competitors who took part at the Cotley Triathlon.

Bi, Emily Miller was 2nd and Matthew Heal was 9th along with Jessie Miller made up Tiverton Cubs team came 3rd.
Tiverton Terriers Connor Heard, Abi Cottrell and Ella MacAlister came 6th.

Mini 9 & Under: Lachlan Heard (first time shooting) was in a mixed team which came 7th.

Mini Girls: Katie Heal was 5th with a PB shoot and Swim, Katie Bainbridge 9th and Rebecca Emmett 11th with PB Swim.
Team 3rd.

Mini Boys: Jack Emmett was 1st with 1000 shoot and Best Run and PB Swim.

Katie Heal and Jack Emmett both Qualified for Triathlon Nationals in March

Well done to all Tiverton Competitors

Polden Hills Team Show Jumping at Kings Sedgemoor

26th October 2016

It was an early yet successful start start for our youngest competitors in Class 1 (2ft). Seven teams were competing, and
Tiverton Red (Phoebe Green, Katie Heal, Emily Miller, and Ollie Coe) came 2nd and
Tiverton Blue (Myrtle and Margot Scudamore and Phoebe Green) were 3rd.
Phoebe was 2nd and 4th individually with her two ponies.

Class 2 (2ft 3) was competitive, with twelve teams taking part. The Tiverton Green team of Katie Bainbridge, Katie Heal,
Emily Miller
and Phoebe Green were one of only two teams to finish with zero jumping penalties, but were beaten into 2nd place
by the Polden Hills Pumpkins who were just that little bit quicker on time. Katie Heal earned a 5th place individually.

Class 3 (2ft 6) saw a large field of 18 teams.  Fiona Wedden lead the Tiverton Yellow Team (with Emma and Katie Bainbridge and Jessica Grant) with a lovely clear, but an overall team score of 12 faults meant they were unplaced.

Class 4 (2ft 9) Fiona Wedden again had a clear round on Sam, and with Laura Glendining made up a mixed team. 
Laura was the lone Tiverton competitor in the final class 5 (3ft), having just one fence down.

Thank you to all who took part.

Spooners and West Dartmoor Triathlon

Sunday 23rd October

Rosettes for all at Spooner's Triathlon

Bi: Emily Miller 1st with Best Run and Swim, Matthew Heal 4th and along with Jessie Miller came 2nd as a team.

Mini (under 9): Katie Heal 1st with Best Run, Phoebe Green 4th.

Mini Girl: Edith Campbell 2nd.

Mini Boy: Jack Emmett 1st with Best Run, Swim and Shoot.

Tiverton Team: Rebecca Emmett, Katie Heal, Edith Campbell and Jack Emmett were 1st.

Well done to all.

C and C+ Tests

30th August 2016

Congratulations to all those passing their C Test
Fiona Wheddon, Jessica Grant, Sophie Fallon, Joshua Brown, Rose Stanton, Emma Fallon and Katie Bainbridge

and C+ Test
Jenny Mettam, Joe Emmett, Henry Clist and Rosie Heard


Wylye Valley Triathlon/Tetrathlon

27th–28th August 2016


Tiverton Hounds (Tri) Lachlan Heard was 4th with Best run, Connor Heard was 3rd and team including Jess Miller  were 5th.

Tiverton Cubs Emily Miller was 1st with best run and swim. Team including Charlie Winter and Abi Cottrell were 2nd.

Rose Stanton competed in the tetrathlon as a Junior and was sadly just out of the placings.

Well done to all

Pony Club Championships 2016

Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire


Finn Muirhead won his section in the Novice Eventing, finishing on his 27.6 dressage score, fantastic result well deserved!
Also representing Tiverton in the Novice eventing was Jenny Mettam who did extremely well for her first time at the Champs



Alice Smith done well in the Novice Showjumping with just 4 faults in the second round

Ellie Discombe – Intermediate Eventing

Rupert Batting – Open Showjumping

Open Dressage team Ellie Discombe, Amelia Green, Eleanor Ansell and Rupert Batting who came 5th individually

Open Eventing team Amelia Green, Eleanor Ansell, Rupert Batting and Will Smith who came 7th individually

Well done to all who went to the Championships representing Tiverton Pony Club, you all did us proud



Mini Camp 2016

lots of fun had by all at Mini Camp


Tiverton Team Show Jumping

Monday 8th August 2016


30cm Team Tiverton Tadpoles came a close 2nd with individual placings too
Eve Northam (4th individual) I think Charlie (5th individual) and Jess Miller (6th individual)

45cm Mixed Team came 2nd with Emily Miller (2nd individual) and Rebecca Emmett (6th individual)

55cm Mixed Team came 1st with Katie Heal (2nd individual) Emily Miller both jumping double clears

many more results to come, please send to me along with any pictures you have

Area Eventing

Saturday 23rd July 2016 – Bicton

Rupert Batting, Eleanor Ansell, Amelia Green and William Smith
Team 1st and qualify for Championsips
Congratulations to Rupert who came 1st indvidually, Eleanor 3rd and Will 5th


Grace Chambers, India Eaton, Ellie Discombe and Polly Muirhead
Team 2nd, and congratulations to Ellie who came 1st individual qualifiying for the Championships
 and India 5th Individual

Bird Wood and Zara Cameron were individuals with Bird coming 3rd and Zara 5th

Finn Muirhead, Alice Smith, Henry Clist and Jasper Pring
Team 5th and congratulations to Finn who came 2nd indvidually qualifiying for the Championships

Jenny Mettam, Bethany Mettam, Louisa Chambers and Josh Brown
Congratulations to Jenny who came 2nd indvidually qualifiying for the Championships

Area Show Jumping

Sunday 17th July 2016

Rupert Batting, Eleanor Ansell and William Smith
Team 2nd and Rupert 3rd indvidually

Archie Hare, Bird Wood, India Eaton and Polly Muirhead
Team 5th

Rosie Heard, Alice Smith, Bethany Mettam and Finn Muirhead
Team 6th and Alice 5th indvidually qualifiying for the Championships

Jenny Mettam and Josh Brown

Emma Fallon, Rose Stanon and Withheld
Team 9th

Jack Emmett
, Katie Bainbridge, Withheld and Emma Bainbridge
Team 4th and Emma 4th indvidually

Both teams have qualified for the Regional Championship to be held at Bicton on the 3rd and 4th September

at Mendip Plains Equestrian Centre

Saturday 9th/Sunday 10th July 2016

Well done to Bethany Mettam who came 1st in her class,
also achieving Best Run and Best Swim


Area Dressage

Sunday 3rd July 2016

Open Team qualify for Championships
Well done to India Eaton who also came 1st indvidually,
Georgina Wood 2nd ind, Amelia Green 4th ind and Ellie Discombe 5th ind

All rode extremely well in a tight competition coming 3rd as a Team
with Polly Muirhead 3rd ind, Zara Cameron 5th ind in section A
Henry Clist 6th ind and Archie Hare 7th ind in section B

Fiona Wedden, Alice Smith, Louisa Chambers and Finn Muirhead
all done very well, narrowly missing the rosettes in 7th place

Emma Bainbridge done very well also picking up a rosette

SDM Triathlon/Tetrathlon

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th June 2016

Rosettes for all with fantastic results . . .


Triathlon Results

Bi: Emily Miller was 1st with Best Run and Best Swim, Matthew Heal was 6th

Assisted: Rebecca Emmett was 4th with 740 (first competition shoot)

Unassisted: Katie Heal was 5th with a PB Run

Mini Girl: Edith Campbell was 2nd with Best Shoot (940)

Mini Boy: Jack Emmett was 1st with Best Shoot, Run and Swim.

Jack, Edith, Katie and Rebecca formed the Tiverton Team who were 1st.

Tetrathlon Results

Katie Heal was 4th and Jack Emmett 1st both with 1400 rides.


West Somerset Pony Club Team Show Jumping

Stockland Lovell, Sunday 5th June 2016

Margot and Myrtle Scudamore together with Katie Bainbridge got the Tiverton Pony Club off to a good start,
all having double clear rounds (3rd place) in Class 2 (2’ 12 years and under).
These three riders were then joined by Emma Bainbridge to win class 3 (the 2’3 Open),
with Emma 4th and Margot 5th individually.
 Emma and Rosie Heard (on her new ride) then made up a Tiverton mixed team of three riders for class 4 (the 2’6 Open),
again winning the class, with Emma taking individual 3rd place.
Jenny Mettam (individual) was going exceptionally well in Class 6 (3’-3’3) but had an unlucky stop at the “road closed”
fence in the timed part of the course. This probably robbed her of victory, but still earned her 4th place.

An enjoyable and rewarding outing



                                           Good Luck                                           

Amelia Green is taking her A Test on Wednesday 25 May.

This is a very prestigious test and Amelia has worked very hard working towards this goal.

We hope the day goes well for you, good luck and very best wishes

6th May 2016

Members enjoying a Friday night Working Rally at Kentisbeare

Intensive Training Camp

Pontispool – April 2016

Members enjoyed two days at Pontispool doing Dressage, Showjumping and Cross Country Intensive Training
in preparation for the forthcoming season

Seavington Pony Club Team Show Jumping

Pontispool, Saturday 23rd April 2016

Class 1 40–50 cm
Tiverton Terriers (Margot and Myrtle ScudamoreKatie Heal and Phoebe Green) 4th place
Tiverton Hounds (Rebecca EmmettIsobel and Beatrice Morrison, Emily Miller) 5th  place
Six teams competed
Katie Heal 3rd individual

Class 2 50–60 cm
Tiverton Blue (Margot and Myrtle Scudamore,  Katie Bainbridge and Phoebe Green) 3rd place
9 teams competed
Margot Scudamore 2nd place Individual

Class 3 60–70cm
Tiverton (Jessica Grant, Fiona Wedden, Rose Stanton, Katie Bainbridge) 6th place
9 teams competed
Rose Stanton 4th Individual

Class 4 70–80 cm
Tiverton (Emma Bainbridge, Rose Stanton, Fiona Wedden) 2nd place
7 teams competed
Held their nerve. With only 3 members all had to go clear.
Finished with zero jumping penalties and just outside the winning time.

Weston Harriers Team Show Jumping

Stockland Lovell, Sunday 10th April

Emily Miller on Molly rode in a mixed team that came 1st and she came 5th individual doing a fantastic clear and
she also rode Beth in that class as an individual and had 4 faults (crossed her track) but she did really well

Katie Bainbridge
was in a mixed team that came 1st and she was 6th individually

The team of Emma Bainbridge, Joshua Brown, Georgia Glendining and a borrowed member from Polden Hills
came 2nd, finishing on a score of zero, but were 2 seconds slower than the winning team

Well done to all

Devon & Somerset Mini Triathlon

Wednesday 30th March

Tiverton were invited to take part in Devon and Somerset's Mini Triathlon.

Phoebe Green took 2nd place with best run and swim and Rebecca Emmett took 3rd place, also competing in the Under 8's
was Matthew Heal, Lachlan Heard, Abigail Cottrell, Ella Macalister, Liliana Cole and Connor Heard.

Katie Heal was our only 9 and under competitor and took 1st place with best run, swim and shoot.

Jack Emmett took 1st place with best run, swim and shoot and Maddie Grafham who was competing for the
first time got a fantastic 820 shoot and came 3rd.

Well done to all.

Winter Triathlon Championships

Sunday 13th March, Milton Keynes

Congratulations to Jack Emmett who came 9th with over 3000 points
massive achievement well done!

Swim 1040 (5 lengths 5m), Shoot 920, Run 1120 (3min 40sec)

Team Show Jumping

Sunday 14th February 2016

Well done to everyone who braved the cold wind show jumping at Kings Sedgemoor, it certaintly was bitterly cold
but Tiverton came away with lots of rosettes!

Class 1 – 1'9" Myrtle Scudamore, Katie Heal, Margot Scudamore (3rd indiv) and Phoebe Green - 3rd Team
Katie Bainbridge

Class 2 – 2" Phoebe Green

Class 3 – 2'3" Emma Bainbridge - 3rd in a mixed team

Class 4 – 2'6" Alice Smith and Amelia Green - 5th in a mixed team

Class 5 – 3" Jenny Mettam, Bethany Mettam, Charlotte Radley and Amelia Green - 3rd Team
Henry Clist, Alice Smith and Amelia Green - 5th Team

Class 6 – 3'3" Charlotte Radley 5th individual Amelia Green 6th individual

Eggesford Triathlon

Saturday 6th February 2016

A Very Wet Day where the children were nearly swimming the run!!!

Bi: Emily Miller 3rd, Rebecca Emmett 5th and Team with Olly Coe was 4th.

Mini Girl: Katie Heal sadly just out of individual rosettes but 1st in a mixed team.

Mini Boy: Jack Emmett 1st with Best Shoot and Swim.

Fantastic effort from all in very tough weather conditions.

Area Quiz – 6th February 2016

16 teams in all took part in the Area Quiz hosted by East Devon Pony Club on Saturday 6th February at Woodbury.

A fun night was had by all with Silverton Pony Club the winners, Tiverton Hares in 2nd place, and Tiverton Stags in 4th
Well done all

Tiverton Foxes
Millie Cridland
Rosie Heard
Jessica Grant
Beatrice Morrison
Tiverton Stags
Charlotte Radley
Henry Clist
Katie Bainbridge
Isobel Morrison
Tiverton Hares
Amelia Green
Joe Emmett
Emma Bainbridge
Fiona Wedden

Cattistock Triathlon

24th January 2016

Bi: Emily Miller was 3rd & Rebecca Emmett 7th

Mini Boy: Jack Emmett was 2nd with Best Shoot

Devon & Somerset Pony Club

Sunday 10th January 2016

at Wellington – Qualifier for Nationals

Bi: Emily Miller was 1st, Rebecca Emmett 4th individually and
Team 2nd with Phoebe Green and Matthew Heal.

Super Mini's: Katie Heal was 4th 

Mini Girls: Edith Campbell was 6th with Best Shoot (880) and
2nd in Mixed team with Katie Bainbridge

Mini Boys: Jack Emmett was 1st with Best Shoot (900) and Swim      

Junior Girls: Emma Fallon (900) got Best Shoot and team including Emma Bainbridge, Jessica Grant and Sophie Fallon were 4th.

Junior Boy: Guy Cridland Qualified for Nationals.

Senior Girl: Bethany Mettam was 6th


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