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Western Harriers Team Show Jumping
Saturday 7th December

Harry was our only member that attended this competition. He did amazingly well.

Class 1 mixed team 1st Harry  2nd individual.
Class 2 mixed team 2nd Harry 3rd individual
Class 3 mixed team came 1st.

Seavington Pony Club Individual and Team Show Jumping
Sunday 24th November

Class 1 assisted, team 1st, Lottie 1st,  Eve 2nd, Georgiana 4th individual. Harry 4 faults.
Class 2 unassisted, team 3rd, Eve 3rd, Lottie 6th individual. Georgiana clear Harry 4 faults.

Ruby also competed in Class 3, 4 and 5, very good rounds on both her ponies but sadly no rosettes.

Polden Hills PC Showjumping
Sunday 27th October 2019

50cm Assisted. Team 1st, Eve, Georgiana, Harry and Lottie, who was also 2nd individually

60cm Ruby & Annadale Royal Jubilation were 4th individually
Georgiana did a lovely double clear, but sadly unplaced

70cm Ruby 2nd Individually. 1st in a mixed team.


Spooners & West Dartmoor Triathlon
Sunday 20th October 2019

Tiverton Team of Katie, Matthew, Oliver and Abi were 1st.

Katie 1st with Best Run in Junior Girls

Oliver 3rd in Mini Boys

Edward 3rd and Matthew 4th in Tadpoles

Archie 2nd in Beanies.

Well done to all our other competitors

South Devon West PC Team Jumping at Bicton
Sunday 29th September

Assisted 40cm - Team 3rd, Georgiana individual 6th place, Eve individual 1st place.

Unassisted 40cm - Team 1st, Eve individual 4th place, Harry individual 2nd place.
The team has qualified for the Mini Show Jumping Championships in 2020!

Well done fantastic results

Wylye Valley Triathlon 6th September
Saturday 7th September


Mixed Beanies (Girls and Boys were split)
Lilianna 1st Individual, best run and best swim.
Lottie 3rd Individual, 3rd bean bag, 2nd run and 2nd swim.
Archie 2nd run. These three made up the Tiverton Spots team who came 3rd.

Tiverton Stripes also did amazingly. William 2nd in the swim.
The team including Harry and Grace came 5th. This was Graces first competition.

Mixed Minis class (Girls and Boys were split)
Abi 2nd Individual, 2nd in the run and 3rd in the shoot.

Well done all! Great results for Tiverton

Regional Championships and South West Championships at Bicton
Sunday 1st September

Open Eventing - Archie Hare 4th individual

Open Novice Eventing - Charlotte Radley
3rd individual

Regional Show Jumping - Harriet Barnes
1st individual

Regional Dressage - Harriet Barnes
3rd individual

Mini SJ Championship at Bicton
Thursday 29th August

Assisted/ led  40cm team. Lottie, Archie, Georgiana and Harry.
Team 2nd. Individual Archie 1st led, Harry 4th led and Lottie 4th assisted.

Non assisted 40cm team. Eve, Lottie, Marianne and Abi. Team 4th

60cm individual Ruby, double clear but just out of the placings

Amazing results. Well done all of you

Silverton Team Show Jumping
Sunday 4th August

Class 1a - Eve 1st, Archie 3rd, Abi 4th. Team including Harry 1st.

Class 1b - Abi 1st, Eve 2nd and Lilianna 4th. Team with Harry 1st.

Class 5 - Jack 1st individual

Class 6 - Jack 1st individual

Great results Tiverton!

Mounted Games team at Dunster and Mid Devon Show

Area Eventing – 21st July at Pontispool

Regionals – Sopie 1st, Amelie 5th, Hattie 10th and Emma 12th, Team 5th

Novice – Jess 8th, Alice 9th, Fern 9th and Grace 11th, Team 8th

Open Novice – Charlotte 1st and qualified for championships

Intermediate – Henry 7th and Fiona

Open – Polly 2nd, Eleanor 4th, Archie 5th and 2nd team and qualified for championships

Area Showjumping – 14th July at Chard

Regionals – Hattie 1st & 5th individual

Novice – sorry I don't know who competed, please let me know so I can update 

Intermediate – Fiona and Charlotte

Open – Grace 4th individual and qualified for championships in a mixed team

Area Dressage – 30th June

Intermediate – Grace 5th and Charlotte 9th

Regionals – Hattie 3rd & 5th, Lucy and Jessie

South Devon West Team Show Jumping
Saturday 6th July

Class 1 - Team 4th. Eve, Lottie, Georgiana and Harry. Eve 3rd individual
Class 2 - Team 1st. Eve, Lottie, Georgiana and Harry. Lottie 3rd and Eve 4th individual

Great riding and more qualifiers for the mini show jumping championships
Well done

Axe Vale Pony Club Team Show Jumping
Sunday 16th June

45cm - Harry unplaced.
50cm - Ruby and Cameo 6th Individual.
60cm - Ruby and Cameo 3rd Individual and qualified for the mini champs.
70cm - team of Katie, Margot, Myrtle and Daisy came 3rd with Myrtle 1st individual.
80cm - team of Katie, Margot and Myrtle came 5th.




Area Tetrathlon
Saturday 29th/Sunday 30th May at Exmouth and Bicton

Tadpoles: Matthew 4th, Abi 13th

Mini: Katie 1st with Best Run and 1400 ride. Rebecca was 13th

Junior Girl: Holly 3rd at inter area and 1st in Area 15 and qualified for championships

Junior Boy: Jack 3rd at inter area and 1st in Area 15 and qualified for championships

Intermediate: Alice unfortunately in placed

TVH Team Jumping
Saturday 18th May at Pontispool

45cm - Abi 2nd, Lottie 6th, team including Eve and Archie 3rd
50cm - Abi, Lottie and Charlie team 5th.
60cm - Charlie, 7th
70cm - Myrtle 4th, Margot 5th and team including Daisy 4th. In a huge class!
80cm - Myrtle 3rd. Margot 4th and team including Daisy 6th.

Well done to everyone who competed



Area Mounted Games
Sunday 28th April 2019 at Heazle

Junior Team: Rebecca, Lilianna, Marianne, Abi and Archie came 4th.
Pairs: Hattie and Ruby 2nd, qualifying for the Zones.
Fun Pairs Competition: Archie and Sophie 1st and Abigail and Tabitha 4th.

Well done all, fantastic results

Seavington Pony Club Jumping
Monday 22nd April 2019 at Chard

50-60cm class - Charlie 5th.
90-100cm class - Jess 2nd.

Devon & Somerset Team SJ
Monday 22nd April 2019

Class 1a 30cm led - Harry 1st
Class 1b 30cm assisted - Lilianna 2nd, Harry 5th. Team including Archie 3rd.
Class 2a 40cm assisted - Abi 2nd, Archie 3rd. Team including Lilianna 1st, qualifying for mini sj champs at Bicton.
Class 3 - 50cm - Abi unplaced.

Thursday 18th April 2019

An “eggcellent” Easter bingo tonight at Calverleigh village hall for members
Lovely to see a family from a neighbouring club also supporting us.
Fierce competition between the Slade and the Morrison families for the most prizes won with the Slades just edging it at the finish!
A lovely, fun evening.


Devon and Somerset Mounted Games Competition
Wednesday 17th April 2019

Tiverton entered a Junior Mounted Games team.
The team including Marianne, Georgiana, Lilianna, Abi and Archie did amazingly to come 3rd

well done team!

Quantock Mini Showjumping
Monday 15th April 2019

Eve 3rd Individually in her first class and mixed team 1st; 6th in the 45cm and her mixed team came 3rd

Quiz National Finals
Saturday 13th April at Addington

A big well done to Tiverton Team of Katie, Emma, Isobel and Harriet they came a very respectable 12th

thank you Clive for organising it all

Triathlon in Totness
Saturday 13th April 2019

Beanies. Archie 6th, Lilianna 9th, William 10th and their team with Harry 3rd.
Tadpoles. Edward 3rd. Team including Abi, Kelsey and Charlie 4th.

Triathlon Nationals
Sunday 31st March 2019

Fantastic results from our members at Triathlon Nationals

Mini Boy: Oliver 42nd
Mini Girl: Katie 2nd with best run
Junior Boy: Jack 2nd with best shoot
Junior Girl: Holly 7th
Open Girl: Alice 13th


East Cornwall Triathlon
Saturday 2nd March 2019

Mini Girls: Katie 2nd Best Run & Swim, Rebecca 7th

Mini Boys: Matthew 7th

Junior Girls: Holly 1st Best Shoot & Run

Junior Boys: Jack 1st Best Swim

Senior Girls: Alice 4th

Team of Matthew, Holly and Alice were 4th
Team of Katie, Rebecca and Jack were 1st

Winter League Results (This is the best 3 scores from the past 7 competitions)

Mini Girls: 1st Katie
Mini Boys: 3rd Oliver
Junior Girls: 1st Holly
Junior Boys: 1st Jack
Senior Girls: Alice 3rd

Cotley Team Showjumping
Chard – Saturday 23rd February 2019

Tiverton had 5 teams competing over 7 classes, a great turnout

Class 1a 40cm led/assisted. Harry, Lottie and Archie. Team unplaced Archie 4th Individual. Lottie 5th Individual

Class 1b 40cm non assisted. Charlie, Marianne and Abi Team 1st and qualified for the Mini SJ Championships at Bicton in August. Charlie 3rd Individual, Marianne 4th and Abi 5th

Class 2 50cm - Charlie, Abi, Marianne and Matthew. Team unplaced. Abi 7th Individual

Class 3 60cm - Charlie 6th Individual. Matthew unplaced

Class 4 70–75cm - Margot, Myrtle, Holly and Katie. Team 3rd. Myrtle 2nd Individual

Class 5 80–85cm - Margot, Myrtle, Holly and Katie. Team 1st. Myrtle 2nd, Katie 6th, Margot 8th



Area 15 Quiz
Tuesday 19th February 2019

Well done Team Tivvy; Emma, Katie, Isobel and Harriet
Taking first place and qualifying for the Nationals
very closely followed in 2nd place by Dulverton West North Molton Stags, and then 3rd Dulverton West North Molton Foxes

Taunton Vale Triathlon
Sunday 10th February 2019

Area 15 Winter Qualifier

Beanies: Lottie was 3rd, team including Harry, Arthur and Archie were 5th

Tadpoles: Abi was 7th and Edward also took part in his first Triathlon

Mini Girls: Katie was 1st with Best Run and Qualified for Nationals, Rebecca was 8th

Mini Boys: Oliver was 5th and Qualified for Nationals, Matthew was 7th

Junior Girls: Holly was 4th and Qualified for Nationals

Junior Boys: Jack was 1st with Best Run and Swim and Qualified for Nationals

Open Girls: Alice was 3rd and Qualified for Nationals

Eggesford Triathlon
Saturday 2nd February 2019

Five Tiverton Members braved the snow and headed to Okehampton for a triathlon

Archie 5th in under 6s and 2nd in mixed team with Harry.
Abi, Charlie and Kelsey pb were our tadples team and their team came 5th.



Cattistock Triathlon
Sunday 27th January 2019

Well done to everyone who braved the blustery cold weather at Leweston
Some great results

Class 1.  Marianne was 6th, Jess had best swim, and the team of Marianne, Jess and Archie were 5th.
Class 2. Emily was 1st, with best swim and run and Emily and Abi were in a mixed team and were 4th Team
Class 2b. Emily was 4th and 2nd best swim in the National Qualifer (with a PB Swim 5L 23M)
Class 3. Holly
Class 4. Alice

D & S Triathlon
Sunday 6th January 2019

Beanies: Jess 3rd with best swim, team including Lottie, Archie and Harry were 2nd

Tadpoles: Emily best shoot, run and swim, the team with Charlie, Abi and Kelsey were 4th

Mini Girls: Katie best run and swim

Mini boys: Matthew was just out of the rosettes

Junior Girls: Holly was 2nd with joint best shoot

Junior Boys: Jack 1st with best shoot and swim

Senior Girls: Alice was 3rd

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